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Work on Wellbeing Ltd

06 - Sep - 2011

A unique, onsite hairdressing and coaching service

Onsite Hairdressing At Work

Onsite Hairdressing At Work

Onsite Hairdressing At Work

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Welcome To The World's Most Convenient Hairstyling Service

Like most people, finding a good hairstylist who listens and responds to your needs, gives good advice and who genuinely cares about the service given, is much like finding a good doctor or dentist.

Going to a salon inevitably becomes yet another task to be fitted into a hectic week, and is all
too often a rushed experience crammed into a lunchtime or a chore that regularly breaks into a precious weekend.

Imagine how your staff, customers and colleagues will feel, knowing that you are providing these very beneficial, relaxing and human services, enabling them to look and feel their best at work and leisure.

If employees feel good about their outward appearance, their performance and productivity will increase, motivation levels rise and the organisation benefits all round.

The same is true on a customer level also.

During the summer months we can provide hairstyling outdoors at certain locations due to the sheer flexibility of the Microsalon units.

Work-On-Wellbeing Ltd are Specialists

in providing professional and flexible hairstyling and wellbeing services in the workplace.

There can be no denying the changes and development in work culture over recent years. By listening to the needs, ideas and feedback of companies and their employees, our service has been tailored to meet the ever evolving needs of today's corporate lifestyles and for people who have little time for a salon visit in normal working hours.

The hair service is rendered unique by use of the Microsalon styling system, a portable workstation, which when set up on-site provides all the facilities of a standard salon styling unit. As the work space required is only 2 metres square, all we need is a comfortable, quiet space (such as a meeting room) where employees can enjoy the facility.

Major Benefits

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The major benefits for our clients are that not only does the on-site service enhance time at work by way of a relaxing, productive break but it also creates freedom away from work. Many clients love the fact that they no longer have to worry about 'when am I going to find time to get my haircut'.

Our on-site hairdressing focuses exclusively on Cutting and Styling, whichs means that time spent away from the desk or workplace is only 10-30 minutes for men and 30-40 minutes for women.

Though we encourage clients to relax and 'chill out', some of our clients even use this time to carry on with their work.

The only requirement for clients is to come with clean, product-free hair. We then warm water spray the hair and massage scalp. They are then ready and relaxed for styling.

The major benefit for the stylist is that they are able to offer a very high quality service literally wherever they like, corporate, in the gym, at home, on location, in-hotel.

We also offer a full range of professional shampoos, treatments and styling products.

Please Enquire About Corporate Rates And Discounts

Most of us face a certain degree of pressure and anxiety at work, regardless of the job we do or the seniority level we are at. Stress is now identified as a major contributor to many Western illnesses including heart attacks and ulcers, and now accounts for up to 80% of all visits to the G. P.

Stress has become an almost accepted part of working life. - until recently. Forward thinking companies are increasingly taking action to assist their employees with effective stress management. By recognising the negative effects that the stress of colleagues will have directly on the business itself, such companies are making services such as on-site hairdressing, seated massage, life coaching, yoga and meditation as a normal part of the working week of their staff.

Our LIFEChanges workshop is a highly effective way of bringing
stress management to YOUR company or organisation.See the lifechanges page.

Clients Include:

  • Asda House
  • First Direct Bank
  • Yorkshire Building Society
  • Quarry House
  • Evans Property Group
  • Brahm Advertising
  • Elmwood Design
  • Holiday Inn
  • Crowne Plaza
  • BUPA


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